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Museums In Kiev

Kiev offers some truly magnificent and interesting museums for you to visit during your stay in Kiev. We at Ukraine Connections will very happily arrange a tour for you, to enable you to visit the museums of your choice.

National Science and History Museum
National Science and History Museum
National Science and natural history museum National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - one of the largest scientific and natural history museums in the world. This is a single complex comprising geological, paleontological, zoological, botanical and archaeological museums

Museum of Theater and Music of Ukraine
Museum of Theatre and Music of Ukraine
Exhibition is devoted to the history of development of Ukrainian theater, from ancient ritual games up to the beginning of XX century. There are more than 4000 various exhibits presented there

National Museum of Literature
National Museum of Literature
Museum exposition depicts literature process in Ukraine from the times of Kievan Rus till our days. Among the museum relics - antique book editions of XVII-XVIII centuries, lifetime editions of Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Franko books, handwritten copies of Lesya Ukrainka, private stuff of Panas Mirniy, Nechuy-Levitskiy and other outstanding Ukrainian writers

Zoological museum
Zoological Museum
Approximately 5,000 animals of 4,000 species are exhibited today in Zoological museum. It contains large collections of corals, insects, fishes, reptiles, birds and mammals

Medicine museum
Medicine Museum
National museum of medicine was founded in 1973. Its exposition is disposed in the building of former Anatomical Theatre of Medical Faculty of Kiev University. The exposition depicts the development of Ukrainian medicine from old ages till our days. Besides desk exposition in museum is created original interiors with figures of doctors and scientists, dioramas which represents the most outstanding events in Ukrainian medicine

Ukrainian army museum
Ukrainian Army Museum
Museum exposition depicts the history of military formations on the territory of Ukraine from the Stone Age till our days. Among the museum displays - weapons, uniform, documents and photos, flags, decorations and recreated figures of famous military leaders, among them - Scythian tsar Atey, Svyatoslav Igorevich the Grand Duke of Kiev, Danilo Galytskiy and Bogdan Khmelnitskiy

Water museum
Water Museum
Water museum is situated in Kreschatiy park, on one of the marvelous hills that stretches along the Dnieper side. Main aim of the museum work is informing people about Earth hydrosphere and water resources of Ukraine, its vulnerability and necessity for life, technologies of making safe for health drinking water in the systems of central water-supply, sewage treatment, and rational water consumption

Kiev sewage history museum
Kiev Sewage History Museum
Museum exhibits ceramic pipes dated more than 100 years age, fragments of the ancient brick sewage wells, life-sized dummy of Lybed sewage collector, layout of Kiev canalization network, work-wear, water-treatment equipment and many other

Geological museum
Geological Museum
The exhibits introduce the visitors to the material composition of the earth's crust, the structure, origin and development of our planet, to complicated phenomena and processes that occurred on the surface and in the entrails of the Earth

Botanical Museum
Botanical Museum
In 5 spacious halls of the museum are arranged the expositions - Science of botany in Ukraine, The main groups of vegetable kingdom, Cellular structure and morphology of flowering plants, System and evolution of flowering plants, Plants in human life, Nature preservation, Vegetable kingdom of Ukraine, Vegetable kingdom of Eurasia, Vegetable kingdom of the globe.

Paleontological museum
Paleontological Museum
Paleontological Museum takes its beginning in 1935 when first small paleontological exposition appeared at the Zoological Museum. The collection of fossil materials for this exposition began to be gathered as far back as in 1919, when the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was established

Archaeological museum
Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum was founded in 1966. More than 7.000 original objects, which characterize the basic stages in the history of mankind(the Stone Age, the Eneolithic Bronze Age, the early Iron Age and the Middle Ages), are exposed in four halls of the Museum with the total area of 500 square meters

Museum of eminent Ukrainian culture
Museum of Eminent Ukrainian Culture
The uniqueness of eminent museum of Ukrainian culture has historically caused a topic that at the turn of XIX and XX centuries lived in close proximity to the family of world-famous Ukrainian Creator - Lesya Ukrainka, Nikolai Lysenko, Mikhail Staritskogo and Panas Saksaghans'kogho. This corner in the centre of Kiev called "Ukrainian Parnassus"

Lesya Ukrainka museum
Lesi Ukrainki Museum
The house down the street Mariinsko-Annunciation (now ul Saksaghans'kogho) Lesia Ukrainka family lived from 1899 to 1909. Sama poet lived here from time to time. The state of health forced her to leave in the winter to the south, and she returned to Kiev in late spring and early autumn

National Aviation Museum
Aviation Museum in Kiev was founded in 2003. Exposition is located on the old landing strip. Models of civil, transport, military and even naval aviation are placed on the area of 15 hectares. In addition to planes and helicopters here are also means of flying object extermination. Among the displays there is unique plane Tu-104 - first jet plane in the world which flied up in 1955 and a copy of first Ukrainian serial plane «Anatra-Anasal» which were produced in Odessa in1917-1918

Please kindly "contact us" for further details and prices

Sightseeing Tours of Kiev Museums